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Create a Decentralized Identity

If you want to benefit from Self-Sovereign Identity, you need to create a Decentralized Identity. This identity consists of many parts that have different functions. This page will cover the basics about identity creation and publishing.

Identity Generation Process‚Äč

  1. The generation of an identity requires a address with funds to cover the Storage Deposit. In test networks, a faucet can be used to request funds.
  2. Create the content of the DID Document, a minimal document contains one verification method.
  3. Construct a new Alias Output that includes the DID Document in the State Metadata.
  4. Publish the generated Alias Output.

The DID is only known once the Alias Output is successfully published, since the DID's Tag contains the Alias ID.

See the example below to create an identity in Rust or Node.js.

As this page is a simple overview about creating an identity, further wiki pages are available for more in-depth explanation. Note that the Iota Identity Framework follows IOTA DID Method Specification.