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Version: IOTA

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HORNET?

HORNET is a powerful, easy to install IOTA node software written in Go. It provides the full node capabilities including full support of the Chrysalis network update.

Does HORNET Run on the Mainnet?

Yes, HORNET was released in mid 2020 and replaced the Java implementation called IRI.

I Have Difficulties Setting up HORNET. Where Can I Get Help?

Our community loves helping you. Just ask your questions in the #hornet channel on the official IOTA Discord Server

Can I Contribute?

Of course, you are very welcome! Just send a PR or offer your help in the #hornet channel on the official IOTA Discord Server

I Found a Bug, What Should I Do?

Please open a new issue. We'll have a look at your bug report as soon as possible.

I Am Missing Feature XYZ. Can You Add It?

Please open a new feature request. We cannot assure that the feature will actually be implemented. Pull requests are very welcome!