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Version: IOTA

Bootstrapping the Chrysalis Phase 2 Hornet Node From the Genesis Snapshot

Hornet Node Snapshot

Please follow these instructions to bootstrap the Chrysalis Phase 2 Hornet node from the Genesis Snapshot:

  1. Rename the genesis_snapshot.bin file to full_snapshot.bin.
  2. Make sure your C2 (Chrysalis Phase 2) Hornet node has no database and no prior snapshot files.
  3. Place the full_snapshot.bin file in the directory as defined in the snapshots.fullPath config option (this option contains the full path including the file name).
  4. Adjust protocol.networkID to the same value as used in the -genesis-snapshot-file-network-id="<network-id-for-chrysalis-phase-2>" flag. This step may not be necessary as the C2 Hornet version will ship with the appropriate default values.
  5. Control that the corresponding protocol.publicKeyRanges are correct.
  6. Start your C2 Hornet node and add peers using the dashboard.