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How to Obtain Tokens From the Faucet

The Faucet dApp

The faucet is a dApp built on top of the value and communication layer). It sends IOTA tokens to addresses by listening to faucet request blocks. A faucet block is a Block containing a special payload with an address encoded in Base58, the aManaPledgeID, the cManaPledgeID and a nonce as a proof that some Proof Of Work has been computed. The PoW is just a way to rate limit and avoid abuse of the Faucet. The Faucet has an additional protection by means of granting request to a given address only once. That means that, in order to receive funds from the Faucet multuple times, the address must be different.

After sending a faucet request block, you can check your balances via GetAddressUnspentOutputs().

Obtain Tokens From the Faucet

There are 3 ways to send a faucet request block to obtain IOTA tokens:

  1. Via the Go client library
  2. Via the HTTP API directly
  3. Via the wallet

Via the Go Client Library

Follow the instructions in Use the API to set up the API instance.


// provide your Base58 encoded destination address,
// the proof of work difficulty,
// the optional aManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded),
// the optional cManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded)
blockID, err := goshimAPI.SendFaucetRequest("JaMauTaTSVBNc13edCCvBK9fZxZ1KKW5fXegT1B7N9jY", 22, "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5", "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5")

---- or

// invoke go get for wallet usage
// get the given address from a wallet instance and
connector := wallet.GenericConnector(wallet.NewWebConnector("http://localhost:8080"))
addr := wallet.New(connector).ReceiveAddress()
// use String() to get base58 representation
// the proof of work difficulty,
// the optional aManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded),
// the optional cManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded)
blockID, err := goshimAPI.SendFaucetRequest(addr.Base58(), 22, "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5", "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5")

Via the Wallet

Currently, there is one cli-wallet that you can refer to the tutorial Command Line Wallet and two GUI wallets to use. One from the community member Dr-Electron ElectricShimmer and another from the foundation pollen-wallet. You can request funds from the faucet with these two implementations.

As for pollen-wallet, follow the instructions in pollen-wallet to build and execute the wallet, or download executable file directly in GoShimmer wallet release.

You can request funds by pressing the Request Funds in the wallet.

Note: You need to create a wallet first before requesting funds.

Pollen Wallet

This may take a while to receive funds:

Pollen Wallet requesting funds

When the faucet request is successful, you can check the received balances:

Pollen Wallet transfer success