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GoShimmer Analysis Dashboard

Programmed using modern web technologies.

Dashboard in Dev Mode

  1. Make sure to set to true, to enable GoShimmer to serve assets from the webpack-dev-server.
  2. Install all needed npm modules via yarn install.
  3. Run a webpack-dev-server instance by running yarn start within the frontend directory.
  4. Using default port config, you should now be able to access the analysis dashboard under

The Analysis Dashboard is hot-reload enabled.

Pack Your Changes

We are using pkger to wrap all built frontend files into Go files.

  1. Install pkger if not already done.

  2. Check that the correct webpack-cli (version v3.3.11) is installed:

    2.1 yarn webpack-cli --version

    2.2 If a newer version is installed use yarn remove webpack-cli and yarn add [email protected]

  3. Build Analysis Dashboard by running yarn build within the frontend directory.

  4. Navigate to the root of the repo.

  5. Run pkger in the root of the repo.

  6. pkged.go should have been modified.

  7. Done. Now you can build GoShimmer and your Analysis Dashboard changes will be included within the binary.

The above steps can also be done by running the scripts/ script from the root folder.