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Client Lib: Interaction With Layers


This guide is meant for developers familiar with the Go programming language.

GoShimmer ships with a client Go library which communicates with the HTTP API. Please refer to the docs for function/structure documentation. There is also a set of APIs which do not directly have anything to do with the different layers. Since they are so simple, simply extract their usage from the GoDocs.

Use the API

Simply go get the lib via:

go get

Init the API by passing in the API URI of your GoShimmer node:

goshimAPI := client.NewGoShimmerAPI("http://mynode:8080")

Optionally, define your own http.Client to use, in order for example to define custom timeouts:

goshimAPI := client.NewGoShimmerAPI("http://mynode:8080", client.WithHTTPClient{Timeout: 30 * time.Second})

A note about errors‚Äč

The API issues HTTP calls to the defined GoShimmer node. Non 200 HTTP OK status codes will reflect themselves as error in the returned arguments. Meaning that for example calling for attachments with a non existing/available transaction on a node, will return an error from the respective function. (There might be exceptions to this rule)