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Application Blueprints

These blueprints provide guidelines for you to replicate and deploy IOTA technology in real-world scenarios.

Blueprints do the following:

  • Describe a problem and a solution
  • Present an architecture that shows you how to solve the problem with IOTA technology
  • Explain how you can test, edit, and deploy the blueprint if a demo is available

Data Marketplace

Data Marketplace

Data silos make it difficult to buy and sell data among different data points. To overcome this challenge, the Data Marketplace uses IOTA MAM channels to open up the data silos and allow users to make micropayments of IOTA tokens to the data owners in exchange for data.

Document immutability

Document Immutability

Documents are an important means of transporting information and contracts between parties. Being able to reliably prove that a document has not been changed from an established state helps ensure trust between parties. As well as protect the parties. This blueprint describes a solution that automatically checks the signature of a previously signed document using the IOTA Tangle.

Tangle data storage

Tangle Data Storage

Data boosts innovation for public and private sector organisations, and can be used to create new revenue streams. However, without a vendor-neutral way of verifying data, it can't be trusted. This blueprint uses the IOTA Tangle as an immutable data structure to verify the contents of a file in a third-party storage solution.

Track and trace

Track and Trace

Due to a lack of both due diligence and a vendor-neutral data source, returnable assets in distribution networks are often not returned to their original owners. This blueprint describes how the IBCS Group implemented a track and trace system for recovery of returnable assets, using the IOTA Tangle and other IOTA technologies.