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Off-ledger Requests

You can send off-ledger requests by sending an API call to a WASP node, which to the state of the target chain, an access node (which can be a committee node, or not). Unlike on-leger requests, the off-ledger request is not a transaction, it just contains the same information as an on-ledger request, and it is cryptographically signed. This kind of requests do not rely on the Tangle for confirmation, so they are much faster.


In order to prevent replay attacks, off-ledger requests must include a special parameter, the nonce. Nonces are account-bound; the current nonce for a given account can be obtained via the accounts core contract getAccountNonce view.


It is highly recommended you use strictly monotonic increasing nonces in off-ledger requests (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5).

Using the WASP Web API

After you have constructed an Off-ledger request, you can send it to a Wasp node webapi /request/<chain_id> endpoint via POST with the request as the body binary, or as a base64 string (MIME-type must be defined accordingly).