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The testnet is deployed for the community to use for testing and interacting with smart contracts.


To make the barrier to entry for trying out the testnet as low as possible we decided to set all possible fees to zero. Since we expect that this decision will pollute the chain quite quickly we’ll perform regular, unscheduled resets of this network if needed.


This testnet is deployed with our own GoShimmer cluster dedicated to backing smart contracts. There are multiple committee nodes that do the work for the chain as well as multiple access nodes that are exposed via the endpoints listed below. We do throttle the endpoints to prevent overloading the testnet because we are looking for functionality testing more than stress testing.


The testnet can be accessed via a series of endpoints that have been made available.

Configuring wasp-cli​

You will need to initialize wasp-cli in order to create a seed that will be used to generate addresses.

wasp-cli init

Now we need to tell wasp-cli how to reach our GoShimmer node.

wasp-cli set goshimmer.api

In order to deploy a smart contract you will need some funds. The wasp-cli tool makes this easy on our testnet. Run the following command to request some funds.

wasp-cli request-funds

We need to let wasp-cli know how to reach Wasp by configuring the API address.

wasp-cli set wasp.0.api

Now you need to set the chain ID in wasp-cli so that the correct chain can be found. Yo can find the ChainID by navigating to the chains page of the wasp dashboard. Click on the ChainID of the chain you will be able to copy the ChainID from the next page. It will be formatted like jaSDxeZNtum7kLuRg8oWQ6nXKgYjb3XVq7yiwnvtUG3C.

Use the ChainID to tell wasp-cli which chain you want to interact with.

wasp-cli set chains.testchain jaSDxeZNtum7kLuRg8oWQ6nXKgYjb3XVq7yiwnvtUG3C
wasp-cli set chain testchain

On the testchain we have deployed a FairRoulette game that you can use to make sure your configuration is correct.

wasp-cli --verbose chain post-request fairroulete placeBet string number int 2

For simplicity, here is the full set of commands to configure wasp-cli.

wasp-cli init
wasp-cli set goshimmer.api
wasp-cli request-funds
wasp-cli set wasp.0.api
wasp-cli set chains.testchain jaSDxeZNtum7kLuRg8oWQ6nXKgYjb3XVq7yiwnvtUG3C
wasp-cli set chain testchain

Interact with EVM​

We have deployed an experimental EVM chain that you can interact with. To begin, add a custom network to Metamask with the following configuration:

Chain ID1074
Block Explorer URL

It should look similar to this image.



The other values (network name and currency symbol) can be whatever value you like.