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IOTA Discord

If you are new to Discord as a platform, have a look at their Beginner's Guide to Discord which is translated in different languages.

Join the IOTA Discord

Go to to join the IOTA Discord.


A verified Discord account is required to get access to the IOTA Discord.

First Steps

Make sure to read the server rules and accept them.


Before verification, the list of channels will be very limited. Use the #help channel to get support for the verification.



Make sure to have DMs (direct messages) enabled.


Note: After the verification process, it is suggested to disable direct messages as those are sometimes used to send spam messages or scams._

The verification system will send a direct message. Click on the Click me to verify! link to start with the verification.


Discord will warn you before opening a browser. Click Yep to continue.


Once verified, the IOTA Discord will display the complete channels list.


Welcome to the IOTA Discord

Now that you are fully verified, you can see all the categories and channels.


Next steps

  • Visit the #read-me-first channel
    Please read the information there to learn about our rules and tips.

  • Access the #stay safe channel
    Read the tips there to understand how to stay safe on Discord.

  • Access the #get-your-badges channel
    Within the IOTA Community, we use Discord roles as badges and to enable members to identify themselves within a group. The roles are also used to notify their members of specific or dedicated events.

The IOTA Discord Channels

This site maps the categories of the IOTA Discord and will guide you to find the channels specific to your interest. The IOTA Discord is divided into Categories and Channels. The list of Categories and Channels are dynamic and change with time.

The Categories as of October 2021 are:


The channels in this category are announcements channels.


The channels in this category have important information. Make sure to start there and read the information. The #help channel is there to get community support.


The channels here are for our community to find like-minded people and discuss all things IOTA.


The communities have dedicated regional channels for the AMERICAS, Asia, and EMEA. There are also language-specific channels for more active communities. You can get write access to these channels in the #get-your-badge channel.


Here, the IOTA community shares approaches and develops the upcoming vote for or against a community-controlled governance structure. Learn more about the IOTA Treasury Governance initiative here on Reddit.


The channels here are dedicated to research topics about the Tangle and the IOTA protocol.


Here are the dedicated discussion and development channels for all IOTA projects, from the client libraries to the permanode or identity and smart contracts. Developers and builders are invited to share their ideas and find answers for IOTA building blocks.


Includes categories and channels dedicated to the communication with and between IOTA Foundation developers.


Bee is a framework for IOTA nodes, clients, and applications in Rust. The Bee team meets here.


These channels are dedicated to the developers and builders in our ecosystem with a list of programming language-specific channels, community activities, and development like the NFT-marketplace.


In the channels from this category, we discuss initiatives that have an impact on the IOTA ecosystem, like digital assets, diversity, market adoption, or social impact.


Here are the channels of the IOTA X-Teams: a group of dedicated community members that work together with members of the IOTA Foundation throughout different stages of development. Learn more about the IOTA X-Teams and join the initiatives.

IOTA Discord custom commands

The IOTA discord server uses the Dyno-bot. This bot is a beneficial tool to manage discord servers. Besides essential functions for the admins of the server, it hosts the ability to execute custom commands for every user. We have enabled several commands to display pre-configured messages containing answers to the discord's most asked questions.

A custom command message can be initiated by using the ! sign directly followed by the command text.

Here is the list of currently availeable commands:

The {#tanglemath} channel is available for questions related to mana

  • !migration-steps

  • !migration

  • !rules

    • Please be mindful of the official Iota Discord rules and etiquette:
    • 1️⃣ Be courteous and respectful to one another
    • 2️⃣ This Discord is family-friendly, act accordingly
    • 3️⃣ Speculation is only allowed in the speculation channel
    • 4️⃣ No impersonation or obfuscation
    • 5️⃣ No excessive trolling or questions like "wen moon/lambo"
    • 6️⃣ No advertising without permission; donation requests must be made in donations
    • 7️⃣ No Shilling expect IOTA/Shimmer technology-related project information in the <#918064808383877130> channel
    • 8️⃣ No talk about Politics/Religion
    • 9️⃣ No public feedback on Mod decisions, DM a mod if you disagree
    • 🔟 Questions about IOTA's development progress should be constructive and sincere.
    • *️⃣ Please do not @mention IOTA Foundation members unless they are actively participating in the channel you are in at that very moment - Breaking any of these rules may result in mod action.
  • !seed

    • The IOTA SEED in the new network consists of a 24 WORDS MNEMONIC PHRASE! Its is the most important part in the setup of your Firefly Wallet that you BACKUP THE 24 WORDS! ⚠️ NEVER SHARE THOSE WORDS WITH ANYONE!!!
  • !shilling-rules

    • Please remember one of the essential rules in the crypto space: you are your own bank and are responsible for researching the applications you use. No one can perform this due diligence for you.

    • Disclaimer: The IOTA Foundation does not provide personalized investment recommendations or advisory services. Any information provided in the <#project-shilling> channel to users regarding new projects is not, and should not be, considered advice of any kind and is for information purposes only. That a project is discussed on <#project- shilling> does not mean that it is in any way approved, checked, audited, and/or associated with the IOTA Foundation.

    • <#project-shilling> will only be visible to members that actively opt-in to get information about new projects by obtaining the "Shiller" role in the <#get-your-badges> channel.

    • Only links to project pages or articles/tweets about projects using IOTA or Shimmer technology are allowed.

    • Never ask for funding or advertise fundraising or ICO sales or similar offerings of a project.

    • No donation requests, discord invites, ICO, STO, Airdrop announcements

    • No pitches for investors.

    • Provide generic information about a project and be ready to answer questions about your motives and technical implementations of the project from the community that will evaluate the quality of the project.

    • Always provide context if you share a link to a project. Otherwise, it may be deleted.

    • Refrain from continuously posting the same links or information. Spamming will not be tolerated.

    • Tolerate other projects and other opinions, even if they "compete" with your own idea or project. Keep the discussion respectful and constructive. Be prepared to deliver factual proof for your accusations if you criticize a project.

  • !spec

    • Hello, please let's keep the discussion in {channel} on topic.

    • For price talk join the {#speculation} channel

    • To talk about other tokens join the {#altcoins} channel

    Thank you!

  • !specrules

    • No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other hate speech
    • No insults or personal attacks
    • No persistent repetition (whether positive or negative)
    • No unsubstantiated arguments
    • No concern trolling
    • No repetitive and habitual FUD (keep feedback/criticism constructive or at least funny)

    Ignore these rules and the behavior will be subject to moderation.

  • !supply

  • !trinity-migration

    • Check in trinity if your funds are out and sent to an address starting with "TRANSFER..." Check this transaction here - if it is confirmed, your balance is correct and you have a backup of the 24 words and your stronghold file. You can close Firefly, the migration was successful.

  • !warn-scam

    • ⚠️ Reminder: don’t trust anyone asking for your seed, mnemonic phrase, passwords, or stronghold files even if they claim they’re IOTA Foundation members. Please report these scammers to one of the admins. ⚠️

    • 📣There does not exist any browser version of the Firefly wallet or a mobile version of it. Use Firefly only on your desktop and download it from the official site here:

    • ⚡⚡⚡NEVER click on links to sites that someone sends you in private messages.! There is no online website to sync your Firefly wallet. There is no online website that helps you recover funds. Never trust anyone approaching you in private messages in Discord⚡⚡⚡

    • Read more about Security during the Chrysalis migration here: Iota Foundation employees will never message you first to offer any help or support!

  • !welcome

  • !welcome-xteam

  • !whitepaper

  • !withdrawal

    • If the exchange has suspended the token withdrawals or your withdrawal is still pending, get in touch with the exchange's support
  • !zerofunds